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Date:  24 Nov 2022

  Independence for Scotland -Destruction of the United Kingdom                                            
If Scotland were to gain independence from the UK the UK would be destroyed. A similar issue would exist as exists in Northern Ireland. And that issue has not been resolved yet. and our exit from the EU has not been completed yet, and because of what appears to be a Catholic / Protestant impasse in Northern Ireland.

As an independent nation Scotland would seek, they have said so, time and time again, that they want membership of the European Union. Since Scotland is not an island there would have to be erected a wall to be the border, over 90 miles in length, or the rest of the UK would need to rejoin the EU.

Scotland has a population of less than 5 million whilst the whole UK has a population of more than 68 million.

A good time for England to have its own voice would be if Scotland gains its second referendum. Scotland must understand that the bulk of the UK population are not only English but losing patience with the Scottish First Minister and her government. It is up to Scottish voters to try and get their government to come to its senses.

Yours Sincerely