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Date:  18th June 2021                                                                
 Dear Prime Minister 

Countryside Safe Access to British beaches

 Much of our seaside and wild places are owned by the National Trust.  Many beaches are only accessible by steep paths which although having steps they often do not have handrails.  Steps that do not have handrails are illegal – at least in buildings both public and private.

  When it comes to our beaches the public may be left to risk their safety getting access to a beach.  This means that older people are not willing or not capable of using steps that do not have handrails lose the opportunity to go to many seaside places.  It is not only older people that are unable to get to a beach safely but families with young children who run a risk of injury even death if there are no secure handrails.

 The public have a right to access our beaches safely. At present their safety may be subject to the risk that pathways and steps are dangerous as they may not have handrails or access ways have been left to deteriorate.  What is needed is a review of the safety of access to our beaches with the aim to ensure there is a safe access route to every beach.

 There may be several paths to a beach but there should be at least one safe path to a beach. 


Yours Sincerely