The Rt Hon Theresa May
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A. citizen
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Date: 29th April 2017

 Dear Prime Minister 

Is the European Union (EU) redundant?

I voted to remain in the Common Market (EEC) in the United Kingdom European Communities Referendum of 1975.  My understanding was that the reason for being in the EEC was to promote trade with other European countries.  Since then we have lost our control as a sovereign nation: in law, in control of our borders and in financial control and our fishing industry has been almost destroyed.  We are forced to pay  £55 million pounds a day gross.  Why does this money have to be paid?  Back in 1975 although we paid just over £2 billion we got back the same amount.  Moving on to 2016 the balance we are paying is £8.6 billion pounds. That is after calculations to incorporate about £5 billion paid back to the UK. (UK payment to EU budget) We are paying more and more for what? 



A substantial amount of the payments that we make and other European countries make is to pay for the bureaucratic costs of administering the EU. The introduction of the Euro in 2002 was the beginning and the end of the freedom of European nations to manage their own economy wasn’t it? My understanding of economics is that if a country has problems they can devalue their currency.  If the country is in the EU they can not. We could still do so if necessary as we never agreed to the Euro replacing the pound.

What I would like to know is why do countries think that they need to belong to this organisation?  Do they, and do we really need the EU?  The reality is that every single country in the EU has its own government and does not need to submit to some undemocratic organisation that is moving towards becoming a super state.    Its daft, very few countries even speak the same language and that leads to a lot of money being spent to accommodate these languages.  The rest of the world manages to get on with their own languages when trading.  

If the EU were to be destroyed overnight every European country would still have its own government. Europe does not need the EU as a trading organisation it is redundant.  Published in 2008:  the EU system on average requires over 2000 translators and 800 interpreters a day. Multilingualism expenditure represents over one third of the total expenditure of the European Parliament (EP). Since 2005 the EP has translated over a million pages a year. Source: “European Parliament-Never Lost in Translation”.  The rest of the World and other European countries that are not members of the EU only translate as needed for trade.  Not the EU. It is probable the only reason why these politicians support the EU is they get a significant increase in their earnings from being in the EU.

 Yours Sincerely,   

 A. Citizen

The Prime Minister's office has referred my letter to the Department for Exiting the European Union for consideration.