This website has been created to provide an opportunity to read copies of letters by A.Citizen (a nom de plume). that have been sent to the Prime Minister of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The idea for the website has arisen partly because of either puzzling action or inaction by the Right Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen of the House of Commons and the Lords and Ladies of the House of Lords over various matters. The usual letter of complaint to one's MP to initiate change is of little use if the matter has no particular party champion, in fact, all parties may have a similar view.

Letters to the PM

The Prime Minister would not normally personally reply to a letter from a member of the public as he receives thousands of letters a week. However, the Office of the Prime Minister does reply to all mail. Letters to the PM are managed by The Direct Communication Unit. This is quite an apt title, to imagine that it may be possible to communicate directly with our prime minister is a feature of our democracy that needs to be preserved. I believe that letters to the PM are valued, they provide a link with the public and an opportunity to gather ideas. Whilst my letters, like other letters, are dealt with by the appropriate department or even departments, where necessary the department that replies to my letter- if necessary, will receive a reply from me, and my reply will not be published until I am sure that the person I am writing to (or department) has received my letter. Sometimes just responding to the letter may be made directly on this web site. The prime minister can also be emailed and it is possible to create and sign petitions on the Number Ten website, which is well worth a visit: No 10 website

Sometimes the writer's views are just made known to the government office e.g. Home Office, otherwise a reply will published. A. Citizen intends to publish all of his correspondence to the PM on the website. Except any letters of a personal nature. Please note that we do not have the resources of the government to respond to letters, but letters do receive a reply within a reasonable time frame.

This website was first published in 2006.

Our UK Government

The UK has a government that is elected by the people, every four years. The decisions that may be made by the government are subject to a majority of members of the House of Commons voting for or against a motion. The composition of the members is divided between the political party in power and the opposition. All members of parliament are elected. The discussion of matters of concern is carried out in the House of Commons. The decisions of the House of Commons are also subject to the House of Lords (and ladies!) some of which have a hereditary title. For a much better description of the nature of government in the UK visit the following link: How parliament works or The UK Government websites are of excellent quality and every effort appears to have been made to make documents easily available for public use. It must be remembered that the decisions made by the government of our country are, as far as possible, the result of a consensus.


All material in this website is copyright. Selected letters may be published elsewhere in printed journals and newspapers and web based journals if publishers are prepared to pay their usual journalists rates to the charity, Cancer Research UK and the letter(s) and correspondence on that particular topic is published in its entirety or acknowledged as a quotation from a lengthier document. Link to:

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